Review of "Art in Shambles" opening reception at Artspace Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, June 2, 2000

Art in Shambles® was created as a comic book in 1990 featuring real-life artist Julian Schnabel, critic Q. Pennyton Winthrop and art dealer Daniel Boone. With the introduction of Pablo Picasso's illegitimate son Bubba, Art in Shambles® evolved into a biweekly comic strip. Now venturing into the rarified world of Fine Art, publisher Max Hopper has commissioned David Bromley and Jim Hall to redraw the first eighteen strips for this special Artspace exhibition. Four color paintings depicting Bubba's scandalous departure from France are also presented for the first time. Walter Keane, 1960's painter of big-eyed kids, discovers Bubba in Central Park and takes him under his wing. With the introduction of "Duke Kooning" (Willem de Kooning) and "Raphael X" (Jean-Michel Basquiat), Max Hopper again displays his uncanny ability to depict real life artists as fictional characters. The storyline closes with Bubba's introduction to the New York Art Gallery world in a combination of satire and slapstick comedy.
Portrait of Max Hopper; Links back to Publication History
A steady stream of visitors and well-wishers meandered through the Art in Shambles® gallery, reviewing in consecutive order the story contained in these twenty two framed cartoon arrangements, representing the first eighteen strips of the Art in Shambles® storyline. Laughter could be heard as viewers recalled favorite cartoons or discovered Art in Shambles® for the first time. Comments such as "I remember that one!", "I was wondering who Max Hopper was", and "Who's Schnabel?" were spoken by an appreciative audience. Four oversized color paintings, highlighting the Art in Shambles® storyline, occupy the foyer area. Hillbilly music was playing in the background the night of the opening and refreshments (Mountain Dew®, Diet Mountain Dew® Mountain Lightning® and Virginia grown peanuts) were provided by Max Hopper. Other exhibitors included painter Jorge Miguel Benitez Sagol, video artist Brian Bernhard and Project ART180.


What they're saying about Art in Shambles (excerpts from the guestbook):

GEO. VANDYKE - "Smithsonian Institution"


DEBBIE D. - "Coolio!"

GEORGE TAUTKUS - "I'm A Cartoonist Too (Haw-Haw)"

AMY MATHIEUX - "Very Intriguing - Nice Drawing Quality."

LINDA RAE JOHNSON - "The Wit Of The Dim-Wit Is What I Love - It did make me laugh & think (but not too much!)…"

D. DAVENPORT, Richmond - "Very interesting, funny and serious."


C. MAYNARD BOPST - "Fun Stuff"