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Story & Art by David J Bromley & Jim Hall
Dialogue & Art Contributions by Phillip Bowles & Chris Cullinan

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The National Arts Program at VCU Medical Center, Group Exhibit, Gateway Building, August 1 - Sept. 8, 2016

9WG Studios, "25th Anniversary Exhibit", Richmond, Va., May - June, 2014

Commongroundz Coffee Shop, Richmond, Va., October, 2008

CapitalOne Corporate Headquarters, Goochland, Va., "Art in Shambles", August - Oct., 2007

Cornerstone Gallery, "Art in Shambles Retrospective II", Richmond, Va., July, 2007

Cornerstone Gallery, "Art in Shambles Retrospective I", Richmond, Va., June, 2007

1708 Gallery, Richmond, Va., December, 2000, Holiday Gift Show

Artspace Gallery, Richmond, Va., June, 2000, Foyer & Gallery II Show
press release and visitor comments from show

1708 Gallery, Richmond, Va., Benefit Auction Show, March, 2000

Wake Forest University, Alumni Exhibit, Feburary, 1990


1997-1999 - PUNCHLINE Magazine; Richmond, Va.

1997 - ARTICULATE Magazine; Baltimore, Md., Washington, D.C., Richmond, Va.

1991 - THROTTLE Magazine; Richmond, Va.

1990 - Art in Shambles #1


Virginia Commonwealth University, James Branch Cabell Library, Special Collections


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June 11, 2014 - Richmond Times-Dispatch, Jo Lord, 2004 - Liz Skrobiszewski & Pete Humes
"Max Hopper - The strip was called Art in Shambles and it featured the regular misadventures of some retarded,
Forrest Gumpish version of Picasso and we can remember thanking God that it wasn’t yet another lame knock-off of The Far Side.
Created by local boys for the lowbrow art underground, we liked it a lot."

Oct. 2002 - Dimestore Publications, Ian Shires
"A fun read! More minimalist in it's art, and it uses that to it's advantage.
It's a wacky romp of the ins and outs of the art world. Interesting work!"

June 8-14, 2000 - Punchline, Lesley Howson

February 25, 1990 - Winston-Salem Journal, Tom Patterson

1990 - Fact Sheet Five, Mike Gunderloy


1996 - Jubilee Comic Book Conventions, Richmond, Va.

1996 - Howard Johnson Comic Book Convention, Chester, Va.