Max Hopper Presents
Art in Shambles

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Art in Shambles - Original Storyline
The Grand Opening and A Wise Investment
Three Panel Comic Strip
Demanding the Best
Accept No Substitutes
Creator's Rights and The One That Got Away
Till Death Do Us Part and Where You Lead, I Will Follow
Schnabel Stories
Color Comic Strip
The Trump-Schnabel Schism
The Schnabel Room
Single Panels
Daniel Boone IV of "The Boone Gallery"
Fresh Fruit Salad and Fruit of the Loom
Curdled Yak's Butter
Deep Hole - Part One
Deep Hole - Part Two
Gallery Goons - Single Panel Cartoons
Endo-Tracheo Circumlocution Extravaganza #1
"Tell It To Max" - Real-Life Art in Shambles (Schellacked Donuts)
Manhattan Mumbo-Jumbo
"Tell It To Max" - Real-Life Art in Shambles (Nailed to V.W.)
History of Art in Shambles
Front Cover to Issue #1
Acrylic Paintings
Review of Art In Shambles #1 by Slim Culley
Review From The Winston-Salem Journal
Review From Punchline  
Opening Reception at Artspace Gallery
"House Ads" Used to Promote "Art in Shambles #1"